Hayley Hoopla (a.k.a HoopDogg) Is a kaleidoscopic innovator in her field.

An award winning designer and costumier, choreographer, circus performer and hula-hoop extraordinaire.

Described as a real-life dancing and hula-hooping cartoon character, she blends her experience in, bellydance, flamenco, hip-hop, fans, hula and swing dance, with her clowning and rapping expertise to invent unique and quirky hula-hoop acts, and theatrical performances.

On stage at 3 years of age, dressed in a hot-pink leotard at her mum’s funk dance school, Hayley was nurtured into the world of dance performance. After studying Theatre Arts, Clowning and Costume, her career strengthened when she travelled throughout Europe and Australia performing as a Sideshow Burlesque Beauty with Gypsy Carnival band “Rapskallion”. They travelled for four back-to-back summers performing at the Spiegeltent, Secret Garden Party, Edinborough Fringe, The NGV and at the Amphitheatre at Woodford to name a few.

Hayley went solo six years ago when she was awoken by the idea of her now most notorious character “HOOPDOGG”, sporting an oversized ghetto blaster complete in her own style she calls: HOOP-HOP. She then toured her unique style across Australia Oozing her cuteness all over Woodford in the ‘Big-top’ Palace and ‘The Parlour’, Abolishing stages of, Island Vibe, Adelaide Fringe, sending joyous ripples to Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Alice Desert Festival, Wide open Space, Fed Square and Moulin Beige, on many occasions.

Hayley was also blessed with a natural helium voice. Now a songstress, her first professional music video clip is set be released with her rap theme song “HOOPDOGG” a collaboration with Isaac Chambers alongside the release of their EP.
Famous for her kooky facial expressions and stage presence at LARGE, Hayley often features with producers such as Spoonbill, Opiou, Worlds Tallest DJ (UK), and Million Buxx (Isaac Chambers). Her latest creation and credit is performing alongside Beats Antique (USA), with a beautiful UV Glowing Geisha fan dance act, and Slamboree Soundsystem (UK).

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