Unique Hula Hoop Acts

Hayley Hooping



HoopDogg’s a cheeky snapshot into the life of one very expressive hooping “Gangster”. Sporting a ridiculously oversized Boombox and GOLD costume this fun, energetic, hilarious act is very HOOP-HOP. A unique and popular act blending hip-hop with hula hoops, rap, pop ‘n’ lock, comedy, 4 hoop split and 20 hoop stack finale! Hoop extraordinaire HoopDogg is a real-life cartoon character with an explosive hoop extravaganza to a killer BOOM soundtrack!
Hayleyhoopla Geisha Act

Glowing Geishas

The Glowing Geishas are a tantalising trio of dancers. A mesmerising dance act using Flurescent Glowing veil fans, glowing kimonos and glowing floral geisha hair and parasols. This Veil fan dance, uses blacklights (provided by us) to light up the costumes and fans. Set to a mystical soundtrack with a PHAT bass-line, it’s innovative choreography and juxtaposition of traditional and new influences, will take you away to a magical time and place. The Geishas are also available for “Meet and Greets” and Roving at your event.

Genie Hoop Act

A Sweet and Kooky Genie looms from a giant gold Lamp to Bellydance & Pop-n-lock in this Dance-Hoop Extravaganza! It’s Sassy, and Comical with a Quirky soundtrack. Foot hooping, 4 hoop split, 20 hoop stack finale. Beautiful choreography, fast paced flashy hoop tricks and of course her well-loved facial expressions.

Hayley Hoopla 1920c Act

Flapper Hoop Act

Set in an underground club in the ‘Roaring 20’s’ with an upbeat Electro swing soundtrack, this Vintage inspired hoop act has a touch of the Charleston, Burlesque/Cabaret style costume and so much sass! Tightly choreographed to the music, this act combines dance with the hula hoop. 1 hoop tricks, 2 hoop with Charleston, 4 hoop split and 20 hoop stack finale.

LED & UV Hoop Act Spectacular!

Vibrant Glowing Hoops, UV reactive Costume, and an Incredible LED HOOP Finale, choreographed to a Boppy Soundtrack. These LED hoops make stunning patterns and trails of luminescent magic. Also available as LED roving act.

Hayley Fire Hoop Show

Fire Hoop Dance

A beautiful and captivating fire hoop dance act, with elements of Flamenco, Bellydance, Fire fans and Fire palms. Available as a solo or group act.

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More characters and themes available such as: Pin-up, Sailor, Tiki Beach girl duet, Giant Cupcake. Don’t see your theme listed? Contact Hayley to ask about more characters to suit your event.
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