Beats Antique

Beats Antique

In January 2015, Hayley Hoopla’s “Glowing Geisha” troupe act was invited by Beats Antique to perform at their live show, at the Melbourne Hi Fi Bar. Internationally recognized, Beats Antique are known for their unique electronic world fusion sound and performances by Tribal Belly-dance sensation, Zoe Jakes. As the finale to their live show, the Geisha’s were delighted and honoured to be performing alongside the singer of Filastine, and Beats Antique (USA).

The “Glowing Geisha” fan dance performance depicts beauty and grace to create triptych shapes in a moving magical image, all seamlessly choreographed to the Beats Antique’s remix of Filastine’s song “Colony Collapse” feat. Nova.

Hayley designed and made 3 beautiful Kimonos and UV reactive Obi’s. Together with the dancers they adorned UV reactive wigs with flowers and chopsticks to create an exquisite image in which tradition meets the future.



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June 1, 2015