HoopDogg Music Video Clip by Brandsten Media

HoopDogg Music Video Clip by Brandsten Media

The Hoopdogg Music video clip is a celebration of Melbourne’s underground circus arts culture, Hoopdogg’s costumes and her Hoop-hop flavour, the track produced by Isaac Chambers and the one and only Hoop-hop gangster HoopDogg!!

The track, written by Hoopdogg a.k.a Helium Hayley and Isaac Chambers and is the official theme song for Hayley Hoopla’s character “Hoopdogg” –see act here.

Hayley Hoopla was approached by Brandsten Media after seeing her Gangster Hula-hoop show live, and was lucky enough to have Brandsten Media on board the Hoopdogg ship!
Hayley worked for months creating costumes, sourcing props and even a Gangster car, preparing for what is an explosion of Hoopdogg’s colour and style.

The video clip features a cameo from Australia and New Zealand’s Hoop Star “Sir Hoopsalot” (Mat Kohey)! and also features Miss burlesque Australia 2014, Zelia Rose, Steve May’s Glitter bombed car, Dancers Hannah Thio and Fire performers Mat Kohey, Maggie Mae and Imogen Brough.

The video is set to be released Spring 2015. EP out soon!
Stay tuned….


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June 9, 2015