National Gallery Victoria

National Gallery Victoria

The Dali exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, sought out the finest and sometimes the most oddest of performances to feature weekly in an after Dark Evening of Entertainment.
Hayley Hoopla, accompanying Carnivalesque band Rapskallion performed her feature Hula Hoop act “Never turn your Back on the Sea”, as well as a duet and trio act pictured here titled “Let them Eat Cake” featuring Talulah Rae.
The Vaudeville Act “Let the Eat Cake” was a romantic comedy, in which there was a flamenco inspired hoop dance, burlesque, theatrics, absurdity and cream pies!!

The troupe performed weekly at the Gallery in Melbourne for an entire month, adapting the act to be slightly new and different each week. It is believed that this is the period in which Hayley Hoopla’s comical facial expressions became famous in one of the scenes she was fed cream pies, drank tea, had her teeth cleaned and face slapped with a wet fish….all under the illusion that they were her own arms, when in fact they were actually Talulah Rae’s arms.
These acts are available for booking.


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May 26, 2015