Hula Hoop Courses in Melbourne

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Hayley offers very exciting and unique beginner and intermediate hoop courses that combine elements of dance with her unique, fun & sassy choreography in Melbourne Australia. Each course provides a library of fun Hoop Tricks plus a different dance-style flavour, Ranging in Bellydance, Dancehall, Hip-hop or Swing dance.

We can do it Hayley

Hayley recognises the importance of creating a safe and fun environment for students to learn & upskill. She’s known for her supportive, encouraging yet super fun and relaxed style of teaching. It is her aim to have all of her students feeling confident and working from their optimal place. She loves nothing better than seeing her students flourish and
dance in full body confidence & spirit.

Most courses include the opportunity to perform in costume at the end of the course.


Find out Hayley’s secrets to stage presence, performance tips, and delve into a unique choreography that will not only enhance your hoop flow but have you feeling super confident!

Places are limited, so if you want to secure your place now but pay later, click the “Pay in Class option”

If you are new to hooping & looking to make new friends, then Hayley’s beginner course is a perfect place to start.
If you have been hooping for a while, and looking to step it up or revitalise your hoop practice, then join Hayley’s intermediate course and find out what the Hoop Army & HoopHop fuss is all about!

The Hoop Army have been performing since 2016 and have showcased at the Australian hoop convention, QV night market, Rainbow Serpent, Island Vibe and starred in HoopDogg’s music video clip. If you would like to join the hoop army, we would love to have you! Sign up today for a course and you will soon be performing alongside Hayley Hoopla in the Hoop Army!

Hoop Army Course Melbourne

What students are saying about Hayley’s courses:

Gaia 2019
I don’t think I can properly put into words how much gratitude and admiration I want to express to you for everything you put into the hoop hop choreo, & for the amazing energy of joy & inspiration
you create plus the wonderful people you attract to your classes with what you put out into the world.
You are such an amazing teacher Hayley & just such an all rounded talented human being.
You have this amazing way of organising a team in a way that gets the job done but you also so supportive along the way which makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable than stressful, & also makes for better performers I think! Hoop army & learning from you has brought me so much happiness & confidence, I have just had an absolute blast! Thank you for everything you are making such an amazing difference in so many people & lives! I can’t wait to perform it again!!

Carla 2017
My experience with the hoop army has inspired me and reignited my passion
for hoop dance. I love being apart of a team that is working together to spread
good vibes, world peace, hoop love, energy, fun and flirtyness, and the best
part is making new friendships. Hayley has been the most supportive and
encouraging leader of the crew and makes learning so relaxed and fun. I can’t
wait to see what other quirky ideas she has up her sleeve. I’m so excited for
what’s to come! I’m so addicted I’ve done 3 courses!

Honey 2018
THANKYOU!! Being in the hoop army has really help my confidence and made me really happy and brought back a more focus and of course reignited
my love n passion of hooping that I seamed to drop.
You’re a really great
teacher, inspiring and super encouraging (I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking
this ) and yeah just thanks … also I was going through my safe keeps box and
found your hoop army flier from 2015 haha