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Most frequent questions and answers
Yes there is! You can pay 50% now, and 50% half way. Simply send me an email.

It’s preferable not to miss any classes, however students have managed to catch up on the weeks lesson via video footage of the routine.

The choreo is dance based with simple hoop tricks. It’s highly likely you are ready for a challenge, so please do send me an email stating some tricks you really love to do & have conquered. What tricks are you aspiring towards? I will reply with the main tricks for the current choreo. It’s a bonus if you already know: Hoop isolation, Twin 2 beat weave, Waist hooping, Cowgirl. I’ve had students at the beginning of the course unable to perform a 2 beat weave, or a windmill, and by the end have it smooth and consistent!

All good…Nerves are the same as excitement! It’s normal to feel nervous, I bet the minute you get off stage you will want to burst out there again! Within the course I share helpful tips on getting show-ready, as well as we perform as a team which is MEGA FUN! The more you perform the easier it becomes plus as a group we all go along for the ride together. We are all super supportive, warm & encouraging. It truly is an enjoyable & exciting experience.Let’s have some FUN!